Kindle your kid’s homework

Instruct your younger ones

Dare to give your young ones room for AI-powered creativity.

Start their AI journey today!!!

This one’s for the Dads AND THE BIG BROS

You’ve got a massive responsibility. Let AI help you.

Expand horizons

Expand you child’s horizons by familiarizing them with AI technologies.


Be in the loop of what your children are up to. Ensure your child’s safety all the time.

Explore AI and Tech

The world is rapidly advancing. AI and Technology are the new frotiers

Why bother learning and teaching AI?

“The changes coming are unstoppable. If we embrace them and plan for them, we can use them to create a much fairer, happier, and more prosperous society. The future can be almost unimaginably great.”

Sam Altman, OpenAi founder and CEO



I helped my brother learn about Solar and Lunar eclipses with ChatGPT today. ChatGPT can immensely expand your little one’s knowledge base. Push your little ones to explore ChatGPT and get them excited about learning. Read More


Kiddo was so excited when he drew an art of Christiano Ronaldo doing”suiiiii” using Midjourney. Get your little ones excited too. Encourage kids to explore Midjourney and help stimulate their creativity.

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My dad is Superman,

Math homework was my Kryptonite,

He saved me again

– haiku

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