Exploring Science with ChatGPT | Solar and Lunar Eclipse Explained

Science ChatGPT for Kids

Today I helped my younger brother explore science with ChatGPT.

I am my younger brother’s tutor these days. I have to help him with his homework and make him study class materials, especially science and maths. Today was a day for studying Science. A little background info.

My younger sibling studies in the 4th grade and is learning about heavenly bodies and pheromones. The teacher assigned their class to learn about solar and lunar eclipse. My brother had to read 4 pages in the book and be ready to explain the concept of solar and lunar eclipse to the teacher the next day. I got a call from my mom and turns out, it’s time to be the tutor.

Now I could have simply explained those concepts – I know what eclipses are. But I wanted to provide a framework the kiddo could use to learn science so I won’t have to keep explaining the concepts every time.

What I did was introduce my little brother to the ChatGPT AI so he could get explanations about solar systems as if he is a 5th grader- which he is.

Here are the results.

Now the fun doesn’t end here. This was just the beginning. ChatGPT got my little brother curious and he began asking more questions. Now he wanted to know about total and partial solar eclipse. So being the good older brother I am, I took him to NASA. Well, at least their website..

Total Solar Eclipse illustration from NASA’s website

Hopefully my younger brother got to understand solar eclipses better. I showed him multiple videos to explain the position of earth, sun, and the moon that leads to total and partial eclipses. Kiddo has some more question to ChatGPT. See the slide below.

I am thankful to ChatGPT for helping me and my little brother learn about eclipses. I live thousands of miles away from him and this was a perfect opportunity to build the brother bond. We spend more than 1.5 hours learning about eclipses and how to use technology. It was an amazing way to start the day.

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